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A play by post action Sci-Fi RPG based on Star Trek: Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   Fri Mar 18, 2011 8:23 am

General Rules

1. Your user name must/should represent the name of your character.
2. Any member can post in the registration section.
3. Crossovers/a new species are/is accepted, so long as we think they fit the series and story of Star Trek: Next Generation and DS9 VERY, VERY WELL. Most crossovers are criticized heavily, so it better be good.
4. Keep character age at least sixteen; anything lower and you will be considered for disapproval by the staff, depending on the character. This is decided by our staff on your sheet.
5. Most species are accepted, including half/cross bred OC's. Because the world of Star Trek is so widely diverse in different species, we have prepared a basic species list for a new comers convince. We encourage all to do their own side research if they wish to portray an OC of a different species accurately, and highly encourage a player to do extensive side research if they are applying for a cannon role (this also includes reoccurring characters that show up in ST: NG, DS9 or even other Star Trek series.)
6. If a member wishes to play more than one character, be it a few original characters or cannon characters, it is required to make separate accounts for that OC or Cannon for organization purposes.
7. Once your application is up, it will be approved, disapproved, or helped along by the staff. We aim to get all applications approved. Once your sheet has the majority of the rpg staffs votes, you are approved to play in the game area (this does not include the holodeck area or practice fight area located in the OOC Actives forum; you can post and play there all you want!).

Common Rules:
1. Description of scenes of death, gore, blood are allowed on this forum.
2. Members who are not online for a week or more, without letting the mods know will be simply warned, and asked not to do it again.
3. Actions performed by ANYONE can be argued with by ANYONE.
4. Rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks or flaming attacks to ANYONE is discouraged. The staff will decide if it's ban-worthy.
5. Multiple, repeated postings (except in the chat) are not allowed unless necessary.
6. Member's avatar should represent the character they're playing, but they do not have to. So long as the picture is posted in the profile.

Game Rules:
1. The person's character must act exactly like he/she described him/her/it when they submitted the profile. If your character is canon, he/she/it must act, like the creators/actors described/presented him/her/it whichever series (ST: NG, ST: DS9).
2. You cannot kill another character without their permission.
3. You cannot describe other character's actions.
4. If a member isn't on the forum for two days, it's allowed to described his/hers character's minor actions aka traveling with a group of characters he/she/it is with, also you are allowed to control his actions in battle if the player isn't available (preferably with the players permission if the player is somehow available).
5. Don't create Gary Stu's or Mary Stu's (not everyone is perfect). Such charters will be heavily edited, viva help by the staff members working with you (its their job).
6. You cannot do 100 actions at the same time in one post.
7. Play logically; If your character can't clone him/her/itself, he/she/it cannot be in two places at the same time.
8. Be patient. Not everyone can sit on the computer all day: wait for other characters to answer.
9.If more than two people are apart of a posting thread, it is required to create a posting list.
10.If a member in the posting list fails to post within forty-eight hours, then the thread can continue, skipping over the member that missed the window of opportunity to post until the opportunity presents itself again after all other members within the posting order have posted. (Rules 8, 9, and 10 are known as the 48 Hour Loop)
11. If you're going to be absent more than ten days, you should write it in the Absence Topic or report to administration. Preferably act out your character's disappearance if you have to take some leave time.
12. Romantic activities are allowed to an extent. Do not post hentai (sexual activities) within any topic. Such actions will result in deletion of the posts, and repeated offenses will result in banishment for x amount of time in which the staff agrees upon. If you wish to have this activity, please do so in Private Messages. This is an action/science-fiction RPG, not a sex one.
13. You can make your own group in the game PROVIDED you recruit five ACTIVE people.
> If rules 2 and 3 are ever broken or crossed by any player, it is considered GODMODDING, and will be dealt with accordingly.

Post Rules:
1. You can only write in third person's side of view.
2. Your message should contain actions, thoughts, and speech of your character; So long as we can tell your thoughts and your speech apart, it is fine (IE: your quotes are in bold/ " "/a different color, compared to your thoughts which can be in a different color or in italics/' ').
3. You must always write where you came from and to what topic you're going to go at the top and bottom of your leaving/arriving post.

Advertising Rules:
1. You can post the ads without bots in our fourm, provided you don't spam us too much, you can advertise as many sites as you like.
2. You can only place your ads in the designated area.
3. Ads are reciprocal: after placing your ad, we ask you to place our ad/link on your site/forum. It is always good to have more RPers.

While playing on this forum, you automatically agree to read these rules and not to break them, respect the administration and other members. Remember, rule breaking is not good so please, try to respect the ones we have here.

~Staff of The Star Trek RPG: Front Lines
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General Rules
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