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 Weyoun Five - Completed

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PostSubject: Weyoun Five - Completed   Thu Apr 07, 2011 6:14 pm


Have you seen any star trek? If so, which series have you taken most interest in and how much have you seen? This RPG is based mainly upon the world of Star Trek: Next Generation, created by Gene Roddenberry, the TV series, and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine TV series; NOT other media (this includes comic books and/or books) or Battle Star Galatia.
Yes I have, and have seen little bits of most of the series, but have focused mainly on Voyager and Deep Space Nine. I am now, currently watching Next Generation as episodes appear on that thing that projects images in my living room at two and four in the morning.

Why have you decided to apply for this cannon? What got you interested in this cannon?

Reason I decided on Weyoun: Crossovers have happened from ST: NG and ST: DS9. Given what I know about the plot, I am pretty sure we need a few bad guys. Why not Weyoun? He may not be as bad ass as Gul Dukat, The Borge, or Species 8472, but he does deliver every time.

Weyoun Five

Unknown, though appears in his late human thirties.



Note:: The Vorta is a race/species of clones (thanks to a genetic manipulation program), founded by the Dominion Founders (Changelings). A Vorta's personality does not normally change with each new clone, but all memories remain and transfer to the new clone subject from the previous clone subject. The appearance and personality of a Vorta never change. Only on rare instances will a personality of a Vorta change, marking that Vorta as defective.

Species Traits
The Vorta species have excellent hearing and poor eyesight in comparison to humans. The Vorta also have poorly developed artistic and sensory taste. About the only things the Vorta can taste are certain food items from their home world (mainly certain nuts, barriers, and fruits). The Vorta are not known to be musically, visually, and artistically inclined/inventive as a whole species, due to the fact that their brains cannot make any emotional or visual connection to striking images, sounds, or movements.

In theory, the Vorta species lacks the ability to dream, but psychology suggests otherwise due to the fact that the Vorta have some strands of emotional connection to something in their lives, to the worshiping of The Founders. If a brain lacks the ability to dream, a person will show signs such as: lack of reason, the skitzs, poor decision making, and lack of emotions to no emotions of the ID, SUPEREGO, and EGO (Freud’s ‘Iceberg Theory of the Unconscious Mind’ and Damasio’s ‘Somatic Marker Hypothesis’). The Vorta display all of said characteristics of a highly developed brain, therefore dream regularly, but like humans, cannot recall a dream 85% of the time, ten minutes after waking up. It is also a theory that a defective Vorta will dream more often and are more likely to remember the dream than a Vorta that is not defective.

The Vorta are able to pick up on any hint of poison. They have been genetically engineered to withstand most poisons as demonstrated by Weyoun (DS9: "Ties of Blood and Water"), who guzzled down a whole glass of poisoned Kanar (Cardassian Liquor), later bragging about his genetic abilities as, “oh my… that’s quite toxic, isn’t it,” and laughing. Having a low development of taste buds might be a good thing for the Vorta can eat or drink nearly anything that is poisoned, but feel the texture rather vividly.

Being a race of clones, normally if a clone dies and is replaced by a new clone, the new clone gains all the memories and information from the pervious clone, but on a rare occasion, a cloned personality might change. This is a low ratio, though it has happened before in the last 2,000 years of the Vorta’s cloning history, the clone being labeled as defective due to the event of a personality change, or the outlook of the scenario changes. When and if this happens, the Vorta’s life is soon terminated after the discovery of the drastic personality change.

Vorta have a termination implant in their brain stem. If a Vorta needs to take its own life, he or she can activate the device and be dead within seconds. Although Vorta are told it is a painless process, actual practice suggests otherwise. (DS9 Episode: "Treachery, Faith, and the Great River"< good episode, giving much enlightenment into the species of the Vorta)

Limited telekinesis is a trait of this species as well (in only a few members of the clone race, suggesting that The Founders hand pick which Vorta would possess such abilities). The Vorta are not known to involve themselves in a physical fight.

Home Planet
Unknown, though in theory, it is a planet called Kurill-Prime (Eris, DS9 Episode: “The Jem’Hadar”)
Note::Legend has it, that the Vorta were a primitive Arboreal Locomotion species (tree dwellers) until a Dominion Founder crashed on the Vortas’ home planet. The Vorta helped the Founder, and in turn the Founder promised that the Vorta would one day be an important part of a great empire. This is left up to speculation for the legend might have been genetically programmed in to, or told to these clones, the Vorta genetics easy manipulated to believe this, as the same is said for the Jem’Hadar (but with more drastic means with the use of a drug simply known as ‘the white.’). In turn, most Vorta will worship Changelings as gods, thanks to this legend. Perhaps something remotely close to a Changing would be seen as a Demigod, but this has yet to be proven.

Physical Appearance
Weyoun Five is a humanoid Vorta with short black hair and wide (but bright) lilac-colored eyes. About as tall as a Farangi, Weyoun Five is a rather short and stocky Vorta for his species. He stands at about five foot, seven inches with a moderate amount of muscle structure to his skeletal frame. Weyoun Five has a square face, sharp nose, wide chin, gill like (or stairway) slanted ears that extend down into his jaw, and run up to the Perceptual Lobe of the brain. He has parchment white skin and carries himself in a proud fashion as he is a skilled diplomat, interrogator, and commander.

Visual 1

Visual 2 – Gul Dukat in the background.

Visual 3

Visual 4

Visual 5Voice and Personality Sample Video (Benjamin Sisko, Gul Dukat, and Weyoun).

Clothing Of Choice
Weyoun Five will most likely be seen wearing a dark brown (or black), blue, long sleeved shirt with a boat neck style to the neck area of the shirt. He will also wear a simple short waist jacket or tunic, and sleeves (mainly light/dark brown and black/off black) and shined boots with some elaborate pattern to it. He lacks a sense of style, and most likely does not care what designs or colors he wears.

Weapon Of Choice –If Any-
Weyoun carries no weapons upon his self. He will defend himself, the ones he worships, and the ones he value in a clever way. If he is outnumbered with weapons pointed in his direction, Weyoun will attempt to wiggle his way out of with trick questions and slip of the hand (he has been known to flee from a room, or try to flee a room of fighting Jem’Hadar or Cardassians).

Logistics and Interrogation: Like a Vulcan (but clearly emotional), Weyoun can accurately set out a plan of attack and defense when it comes to star ships, ground battles, and invasion of star bases, having done so in the past. He is also highly skilled in interrogating a person with pain and threats, but never laying an abusive hand upon the person being interrogated. Weyoun will have another inflict the pain in interrogations.
Politics: Weyoun can easily fit in with a political situation, aiming to come out on top. He will often say, “think about it…” to make his own ideals settle within a person or a group of people, this phrase drawing them in as he soon delivers a vast amount of evidence for the opposing person or group of people to consider.
Others: Excellent hearing, is left handed, and can speak Dominiese (in theory, this is his native language, the Jem'Hadar language, the Changelings Language, or Cardassian Language), English being his main second language, and understanding many other languages viva a universal translator implant.

Normally, Weyoun is a cold, cruel, bitter, and ‘loud mouthed’ man, sometimes often boasting about his complete immortality through cloning and speaking down his nose at lower ranking individuals, Dumar, Dukat, Jem’Hadar, and the enemy when provoked or challenged in some manner. He seeks to please his gods, please himself, and lacks compassion for those who he considers disposable. Skilled in the politics of war, he is no stranger to manipulation and corruption. He is a man that will twist and use a person, mainly through cold remarks or work his way into making someone think of him as a friendly, lightly humored new friend with smiles, friendly physical movements (a pat on the back, or a reassuring hand on the arm), remarks, or even defenseless to attack before turning and snapping at a person in a low, growl-like or even hissing tone when he’s done using them.

Respect is hard to earn from Weyoun unless you are his god or have spared him/saved him in some manner (later turning on them after a debt has been paid back, often giving empty promises). He is most likely to play a person and then give them disgrace when they fail. Though, he will put himself between his god and an enemy. Above all else, Weyoun is entirely humble to his gods.

Psychical contact and within the personal, invisible bubble of another persons space is something Wayoun has come to use to his advantage. It helps him better connect to someone when he laughs along with the person, smiles widely, and jokes about in a social setting. This shows that Wayouns social skills are highly developed among all races Wayoun dares to get close to, or when to intimidate someone he is questioning. Simply put, he will get in a persons face and bubble, despite the consequences and the comfort factor of another persons bubble to mainly daunt them when he sees things not going his way. Period. A Klingon or Cardassian (for example) is a different scenario due to the fact that these two races are quite independent, headstrong, and free willed. Wayoun knows this and might be hesitant to try and quickly connect to a member of these species; being quite cautions and patient when attempting to connect or interrogate. He often has guards only feet away when he feels threatened in a social or interrogative situation. He shall never use this tactic upon his god.

Weyoun, is easy to disgust with different habits than that to his own or human habits/traits, rude table manners, remarks or actions, and ever more so disgusted when someone insults his gods or hints at a negative factor about them, often throwing an insult back. This is more common with his enemies, Weyoun having a tendency to home in on things that would formally insult the enemy.

He is, however, highly curious amongst other things, of new things such as animals, music, books, new sounds, images, and art. For example, a goldfish could fascinate him if he did see a goldfish for the first time in his life, but a drawing that a young child made or a skilled artist would confuse him deeply, thus fueling his curiosity to investigate it until he became bored. He is also easily fascinated by the simplest things in a persons day to day life (EI: a pair of shoes, a needle, a pen, a baseball, ETC). Weyoun Five has been known to collect such things to study in his spare time.

In a social setting, he is quite the character, highly entertained, vibrant, ‘respectful,’ and mostly composes himself in a happy, easy going, friendly manner; becoming animated with his posture (crossing his legs and waving his hands or arms about, tilting his head often). In short, the Vorta composes himself in a poetic, Oriental- Shakespearian fashion at all times both physically and verbally.

Weyoun has a high tolerance to poison, and his taste buds are null, underdeveloped to any foods and drinks that have flavor. He mainly eats for the nutritional value, texture, and temperature (for example, an apple, hot drink, something that is spicy and tingle his palate, ETC). Often, the texture is something he puts up with. With that being said, he is easily excited or dissatisfied, and loves games that involve strategy or chance.

From this, Weyoun likes to play mind games. He is highly skilled in interrogation, spotting lies and good at telling lies, but never gets his hands dirty. He will have a brute of a man beat a person in question to an inch of their life to get information or intimidate the said subject. Normally, he has a doctor close by as to revive the person if they black out, pass out, or to ensure they at least survive until all information is extracted. If they die; even if a guard had killed a prisoner (after expressing rage in an animated facial expression), he brushes it off as nothing important, unless not all information had been extracted. Only then, will he continue to display a disgusted look.

As cold as Weyoun is, he also has an emotional side that is easy to spot with his highly animated face. When disappointed in someone lower than himself or his enemy, he will click his tongue and in a shameful tone, speak of the matter at hand with ‘slumped’ shoulders, shake his head and in a mocking way, express his disappointment in a slue of words. When pleased or excited about something of interest, his eyes and face will light up, his mouth in a huge grin and even laughing giving his utmost attention and input on the situation. When saddened (if a promise is broke, feels like he had been back stabbed, is disappointed in himself, or feels his gods are disappointed in him), Weyoun will display a blank expression with straight, shocked look, hardened frown, and hazed over eyes. When angered, or annoyed, Weyoun will look down his nose at the offender and release a slew of insults in a polite (hissing fashion), professional manner before ending the argument or walking away, normally threatening a person in some manner. When he has found himself defeated, he may act ‘humble’ and ‘beg for mercy.’ Then again, this behavior can easily be linked to his ability to move a person’s point of view. As an example, Weyoun would do so by injecting in the conversation, ”oh, you have no idea how those words hurt me…”

Above all else, Weyoun praises greatly when it comes to his gods; often clapping his hands and expressing a smile and a relaxed stance. Also, he has applauded his enemies for their mistakes in a loud manner, rubbing his enemy’s efforts in their faces, boasting about his side’s superior traits, remaining a full hater of the Federation of Planets.


Second in Command.

History Everyone has history and a story to tell.
Weyoun, a Vorta, is clone created to serve in the Dominion hierarchy as an administrator, or second in command to the Dominion Founder and Leader; a Changeling that appears as a female humanoid during the time of the Dominion and Federation war. Weyoun One became active only a few short years before the war started, as a fully matured male Vorta clone. There were actually several Weyouns, all clones. The Weyoun line first appeared to the Federation as Weyoun Four as a mere Dominion Ship Commander.

Weyoun’s early years are unclear, but it is possible to suspect that the Weyoun line worked its way up from the most bottom rank of Vorta Clones. In theory, Weyoun One had been accidently infected with a virus while in the Dominion's primary cloning facility on Rondac III. The cloning technicians terminated the clone and created Weyoun Two, who served as a supervisor on a few Dominion controlled planets in the Gamma Quadrant.

One planet under Dominion control had an unexpected shift in the tectonic plates, causing many quakes and destroying the White outpost facility in which Weyoun Two was managing. Weyoun Two was in the process of evacuating himself and The First Jem’Hadar when a control panel shorted out (thanks to another huge shift of the surface of the planet) on Weyoun, sending him flying across the room with injuries that soon thereafter killed him. Weyoun Three was then activated shortly after words, due to his efficiency in running a highly organized, dangerous operation, Weyoun Two being the first to create security procedures to ensure the farther development of The White for the Jem’Hadar.

Weyoun Three, and another Vorta were in charge of the assistance of the occupation movement that happened on Bajor. Weyoun Three ranked second in command to this occupation attempt, and provided many strategically movements that the Cardassians could use. The Vorta in charge wanted to out due Weyouns suggestions that were proven as true and great moves in the occupation that could have won the war. The Vorta in command gave the Cardassians different strategic moves that proved to be ill-efficient, the Bajor militia bombing the building that was Headquarters, killing both Weyoun Three and the second Vorta. Weyoun Three was cloned again, becoming Weyoun Four whilst the second Vorta that was in command of the Bajor occupation was not cloned (due to the inefficient performance compared to the Weyoun line).
The Dominion then promoted Weyoun Four to commander of his own Jem’Hadar war vessel. The war vessel went under attack by a defective group of Jem’Hadar that also attacked Deep Space Nine. The Defiant, captained by Benjamin Sisko, was tracking the defective Jem’Hadar ship. Sisko and his crew stumbled across Weyoun and his Jem’Hadar ship, which had sustained heavy damage from the defective Jem’Hadar’s ship. Weyoun and his Jem’Hadar beamed aboard the Defiant, Weyoun greeting Sisko after telling his Jem’Hadar to stand down. From there, both crews worked together to track down the defective Jem’Hadar.

It is thought that Weyoun Four gave the Founder, Odo, the virus that infects the Great Link later on before the war when Weyoun Four gave Odo a pat on the arm while both crews were working together. How the virus got on Weyoun is unknown, but speculation could lead to Section 31.Weyoun Four was killed by his own Jem'Hadar, first after questioning his men's loyalty about the wreckage of The Gateway.

Weyoun Five first appeared to the Federation on Deep Space Nine in an attempt to convince a Cardassian defector to return home and support the regime, serving as Dukats advisor and liaison officer in the matter, and was the first to serve as commander of Dominion forces in the Alpha Quadrant. At this time, Cardassia officially joined The Dominion, the Dominion headquarters located in Lakat, the capital city of Cardassia Prime.

RP Sample
Jem'Hadar bodies littered the narrowed hall as Weyoun stepped over and around them. He survived, amazingly, the crash. His ship had been disabled by a Klingon patrol ship in the single digit hours. Even though Dominion ship bridges do not have station seats, Weyoun was clever enough to find a small storage room to hunker down in while his ship was being disabled and attacked.

Weyouns vessel floated in space in limbo, completely disabled as the Vorta managed to get to a control counsel, fumbling around in little light, smoke and sparks with a flashlight. Clicking away on the keys, he input his codes and opened a visual to get a look at the patrol ship. Through the static, he was able to make out the name of the vessel. A warning light lit up the screen, informing him of unauthorized transporters had gone off, the enemy now upon his ship and on one of the lower decks.

He shook his head and with a frown. “Kingons, Klingons, Klingons,” he muttered in the darkness. “Shouldn’t you know by now that you should never approach a disabled enemy or animal? They all strike back and hurt you the most.”

A few moments later, Weyouns was able to detect how many Jem'Hadar where still alive and breathing upon the ship. The one thing he loved about Jem'Hadar, was the fact that this race would fight to the bitter end and until every last one of their men were dead; completely disposable. At least twenty of them came up as still able to move.

“Jem'Hadar, Klingons have boarded us on level twenty, section ten. Dispose of them. I want ten Jem'Hadar to meet me on level seven, section twelve on the starboard side.”

Escape pods. He had to smirk to himself. The Dominion vessel he was upon and one shuttle near the escape pods on that level had cloaking devices, thanks to the Farangi trade that happened two days ago. He would make great use of this. The cloaking may not work in warp or an exchange of fire power, but he only needed the shuttle to get to a close by planet as cover before he made his way to the location in which he was suppose to be safe and within his own sides’ protection of many ships, also getting that cloaking device and technology to The Dominion. He did give this captain credit though; not a dull captain, but there were still simple ways of escape.

Having climbed down three levels and navigated around countless detours of either hull breaches or bulk heads that had collapsed, Weyoun had made his way to level seven, section twelve while still avoiding the Klingon team. The ten Jem'Hadar waited close by as he called them out.

“Praise the Founders for your abilities,” Weyoun said with a relived expression and sigh, holding his hands in front of him in a neat manner. Jem’Hadar, you each will take your own pod. Three of you will attack the Klingon Warbird from the left flank, another three from the right flank. The other two will go in the opposite direction of where I will be headed, which is towards the Romulan boarder.”

“Sir,” the First said. “We have failed. If it is a fight you wish, we can accomplish this with all of Jem'Hadar manning all of the shuttles and pods, attacking the enemy vessel, and die with dignity.”

Weyoun had to hold back an angered expression before he calmly said, “It was your mission to escort me to our allies as well as the technology. You have not yet failed; you can attack and distract them while killing the ones on our vessel with your bare hands before your own death, gaining the honor you so rightfully deserve from the Founders upon my escape and getting this cloaking device back to the Dominion.”

The Jem'Hadar in command was taken aback slightly, so Weyoun suggested, “you know by now, the Jem'Hadar are stronger than any other race in the quadrant, ever more so, the Klingons. If you succeed, and I escape, I promise to make it my duty to see to it that the Jem'Hadar shall have their own set of solar systems and have full jurisdiction over them with many white factories. When that happens, the Jem’Hadar who are free will think of you and this unit. I can make that happen, and it will happen by the Dominion Founder.”

That means freedom from the Dominion, Jem'Hadar; praise the Founders as you wish in your own free worlds, Weyoun thought as a hint of a smirk pulled at the corner of his lips. This Jem’Hadar in command was young. To Weyoun, that meant easy to manipulate with lies and empty promises. It worked, for the Jem'Hadar all grunted in agreement and started to quickly make their way about the area after a ‘prayer,’ arming the pods.

“We all release from this vessel at my command,” Weyoun said as he turned to go to his own shuttle, the last two Jem'Hadar following him.

Minutes later, the attack and escape was underway. Weyoun, in his cloaked shuttle, piloted his shuttle to behind one of three moons, hiding behind it until the Klingon ship was out of sight, the moon now behind the gas planet. Having an open intercom the whole time, he heard as each escape pod was destroyed one by one, including the one of the two escape pods that were headed away from the fight.

Weyoun now smirked as he shook his head again. “So gullible.” He whispered to himself as he piloted his shuttle in the direction of the now destroyed escape pod that tried to get away. Weyoun imagined that the second shuttle was captured, the Klingons thinking that they had someone of value to give to the Federation.
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Weyoun Five - Completed
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