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 Chat Box Rules

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PostSubject: Chat Box Rules   Fri Mar 18, 2011 9:00 am

Chat Box Rules - Located at the bottom of home page.

1. No talk of any controversial topics without an admin or moderator around. Such behavior can be seen later by an admin, moderator, or chat moderator. Punishment will be a kick or ban for X amount of time, considering the severity.

2. If a member in the chat box clearly says, "stop," expresses that something of a sensitive topic disturbs them, then the offending members stop the talk about whatever the subject may be.

3. If you and another member are having a dispute, take it to the PM's, yahoo IM, or MSN.
We cannot stress this enough.
If two people (or more) continue to throw verbal insults back and forth, keep fighting after an admin or moderator has been called into the box, and ignore the moderators orders to cease the argument, they will get kicked.
> If they continue, they will get banned from the chat box for twenty-four hours.
> If the behavior continues after the twenty-four hour ban from the chat box (IE: they bring it back to the chat box), the twenty-four hour ban will turn into a seventy-two hour ban.
> If such behavior continues, the staff will determine, as a whole, the length of punishments on all parties.

4. Please try to take personal matters elsewhere. If you honestly cannot figure something out that is of a personal nature, and wish to have more feed back from other people you have grown close to on this site, keep as much of it as you can to PM's or privet Instant Messengers.

5. Most people here speak English. If you speak more than one language, that's alright! But if someone in the chat box cannot understand what it is you're speaking about (with yourself or another member), please switch it back to English.

6. Have fun, mess around, joke around, but with proper manners of a human as much as you can, please.

~Staff of The Star Trek RPG: Front Lines
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Chat Box Rules
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